SugarDVD’s E3 Recharge Lounge

16 Jun



Come relax after E3 at SugarDVD’s Recharge Lounge at the Lucky Strike LA Live! Join top adult actresses Jynx Maze, Adriana Chechik, Tasha Reign, and AJ Applegate as we unwind just down the street from the convention center. Food, cupcakes, beer, and wine are provided on the house for E3 attendees (badge required for entry). VIP attendees get in an hour early. To contact SugarDVD for interviews about our app, the adult tech space, and VR porn, or if you are press and have not RSVP’d, please contact Space is limited, RSVP does not guarantee entry due to capacity. E3 badge is required.

Android vs. Apple: Who is Kinkier?

23 Mar

Happy spring, Sugar fans and kinky web users alike! This month we looked over our statistics from our Android and Apple users and noticed some interesting trends. Is this accurate for you? Check it out below in this simple infographic! You can see Escapist Magazine’s coverage here. Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @Sugardvd, and check out our unlimited adult streaming apps for Roku, Xbox, Android, Apple, PS4, and more here.


Fifty Shades of Sony: SugarDVD PS4 owners dig BDSM more than Xbox One folk

11 Feb

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, sexy SugarDVD fans! We compiled some naughty stats just in time for the new BDSM flick 50 Shades of Grey as well as Valentine’s Day! Check them out here, and check out our newly updated unlimited porn app for roku, Xbox One, PS4, and more here. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Xbox One vs PS4 Porn Streaming Habits Revealed

15 Jan

Hi SugarDVD fans and curious minds alike! We’re kicking off 2015 with an all new site and app updates for our unlimited adult streaming apps. Here are some interesting stats you guys’ll love! Make sure to keep streaming in 2015 with SugarDVD. Check out our updates and get your free trial here!


SugarDVD and Oculus Rift

28 Aug

Happy Monday, SugarDVD fans! We hope you’ve been up to exciting things, because we sure have.

Many of you are gamers, enjoying our unlimited adult streaming apps for Xbox One, PS4, and more. Many of you have also heard of the new virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift. We’ve been getting bombarded with hungry tech fans looking for what we at SugarDVD plan for both Oculus and the world of VR.

Currently, we are partnering up with both visual effects studios as well as top porn studios to develop content for Oculus Rift! We have been looking into ways to turn current adult films into VR-friendly versions, but we’ve found that in order to create a more immersive experience, we need to start from the beginning of production in order to perfectly tailor adult content to the VR world.

You may have seen us on Venturebeat and OZY talking about our plans and current workings with Oculus Rift and other 3D virtual reality tech. Check out the video about SugarDVD and virtual reality porn on Yahoo! News here.

Currently, we have highly-tailored adult apps on every console from Roku to Playstation 4 to Xbox One, and we are using our experience with these platforms to cater to gamers as well as mainstream entertainment fans. Along with Oculus Rift, we are updating and improving our current unlimited porn apps and how our subscribers are experiencing them. From adding updated search engines to adding new categories, we’re making it easier to find the exact movie you want.

We’ll keep everyone updated with our upcoming Oculus Rift demo, but be sure to be signed up for SugarDVD if you want a first look and have an Oculus!

Redhead Hump Day. Perfect for every Wednesday.

9 Apr

Happy Wednesday, Sugar fans! We’re here for your regular dose of ginger
cuties to help you get through your work week. (Or your
PJ-and-Hot-Pockets-week, we don’t judge.) Here are some of our favorite
redheads this week! Let us know who your favorite redhead is here or on
Twitter! In the meantime, check out feature length adult content on our
apps, with redheads and more, here!

newginger6 newginger7 newginger8 newginger9 newginger10 newginger11 newginger newginger1 newginger2 newginger3 newginger4 newginger5



Redheads. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day Weekend.

13 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, as we’ve mentioned before. Irish girls are some of our favorites. There’s just something about red hair and freckles that captures our attention. We don’t even care if it comes from a bottle. 

Here are some of our weekly ginger favorites. If you have a favorite, let us know! In the meantime, if you want to satisfy your redhead fix, we have a fully stocked arsenal of unlimited, adult movies staring redheads here

See you next time :)

Redheads: What Everyone Looks Forward To On St. Patty’s Day

5 Mar

It’s March, so you know what that means. St. Patrick’s Day is upon us soon, a day where everyone is Irish, right? Or Scottish? We don’t remember. What we do remember is that we do love redheads. Here are some of our favorites…


Blondes. We need more of them.

25 Feb

Happy Tuesday, dear sugar cubes. Tuesday isn’t usually very fun for many of us. It’s not Friday. Fortunately for you, we love Tuesdays. You know why? Because we love Blondes. Today, we’re posting some of our favorite, hottest blondes for your eyeballs. Don’t forget to check out our apps on iPad, Android, Roku, Xbox, PS4, and more!


New Year, New Updates!

20 Feb

Hi porn fans! Hope the new year is being good to you! We’ve been busy helping ensure that it is with updates to our SugarDVD Roku Unlimited Streaming App! So visit our app on your Roku to see what we’ve been up to. Also, visit our news page to see what Buzzfeed and VentureBeat have recently had to say about our console streaming stats!



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