SugarDVD App Expands to Android Devices

11 Sep

SugarDVD, the adult movie rental and streaming company (the “Netflix of porn”) has expanded their online streaming app for compatibility with Android devices.

As television and film entertainment have begun to move substantially from cable and satellite providers and physical DVDs to internet streaming, so also has demand for streaming adult content to accompany these entertainment bundles. SugarDVD, one of the most prominent players in adult film distribution, has been keeping up with the expansion to digital platforms, making its content playable on the iPad, PS3, Roku, and now Android phones and tablets.

To access the app, the subscriber needs only to log into the SugarDVD website via their Android mobile device, then choose a movie and begin streaming. The app is fast and streamlined with a number of categories and over a thousand movies to choose from. The movies stream in HD quality, just like similar Netflix or Hulu apps.

SugarDVD made an official announcement regarding its Android expansion at its event during the PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) gaming conference two weekends ago in Seattle. The company also attended both San Diego Comic-Con and E3, and has garnered lots of press from gaming and entertainment networks like Machinima and IGN. SugarDVD is successfully carving its own space in the gaming community, the tech-savvy business model appealing to gamers and techies alike.

Before now, the availability of porn on mobile devices like phones and tablets has been few and far between even though demand for such availability is high. These mobile platforms still disallow adult content apps to be sold in their app stores, but SugarDVD has cleverly made their app available by accessing their website through a mobile web browser. The expansion will likely be a welcome piece of news for those already using Android devices, and may be a tipping point for those who aren’t.

With these expansions coming left and right, SugarDVD in partnership with mainstream entertainment companies promises to revolutionize the way consumers receive and pay for their entertainment bundles.

One Response to “SugarDVD App Expands to Android Devices”

  1. Andrea September 13, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

    This is awesome!

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